Sunday, October 22, 2017

What's Good For The Goose Is Apparently Not Good For The Gander...

by John Patrick Conway, Jr.

This morning as I'm making breakfast I had the TV on and was listening to CBS News Sunday Morning. When it ended, however, I heard the intro for 'Face The Nation' with John Dickerson. I dropped everything I was doing and shut off the TV. It's not because I hate John Dickerson or the show he moderates...per se. But I've been stewing for the past three weeks about an interview he did on October 1, 2017 with Paul Ryan.

At first I just found Ryan to be the obnoxious little shit that he is, but it didn't take long before his spouting of corporate, right wing propaganda sent my BP thru the roof. It didn't happen all at once; more like a rocket lifting off of its launch pad, slowly at first and then gaining momentum. But before I knew it my anger had reached the point of max-q, and not because of that one percent bitch's false characterization of U.S. corporate taxation stifling American business...the moneyed class of America has been selling that trickle-down bullshit for what seems to be forever despite having been universally proven untrue (See my post titled: Really, Mr. O? Is this really the best that you’ve got? Dated February 23, 2012.)

No, what pissed me off first was the statement Ryan made about how unfair it is that U.S. chartered corporations are forced to compete with foreign corporations when the U.S. corporate tax rate is higher, and I quote from a posted transcript of this show:

RYAN: "Let me say it this way. Should we be taxing American businesses at much higher tax rates than our foreign competitors are taxing theirs? This business is taxed as high as 40-plus percent, and their competitors are taxed on average 22.5 percent. How does that help this business in global competition?"

In all fairness to John Dickerson, I will point out that after Ryan repeated this claim more than once, Dickerson did say:

DICKERSON: "I want to get back to the businesses in a second, because there's obviously some debate about the effective rate they pay."

Damn right there is some debate! 40%? Bullshit! The last I checked it was 35% and with all the loopholes and write offs currently embedded within the tax code corporations are presently only paying an average 12.1%

To check on this I went online and this is what I found at the website: Americans for Tax Fairness. I'd encourage everyone to visit this site; it's an eye opener.

Under Key Facts:

* Corporate share of federal tax revenue has dropped by two-thirds in 60 years — from 32% in 1952 to 10% in 2013.

* General Electric, Boeing, Verizon and 23 other profitable Fortune 500 firms paid no federal income taxes from 2008 to 2012.

* 288 big and profitable Fortune 500 corporations paid an average effective federal tax rate of just 19.4% from 2008 to 2012.

* Profitable corporations paid U.S. income taxes amounting to just 12.6% of worldwide income in 2010.

* U.S. corporations dodge $90 billion a year in income taxes by shifting profits to subsidiaries — often no more than post office boxes — in tax havens.

* U.S. corporations officially hold $2.1 trillion in profits offshore — much of it in tax havens — that have not yet been taxed here.

So, OK, yeah, Ryan is a liar and propagandist on the order of Joseph Goebbels. Nothing new there. Well, I don't blame him for being the true whore-piece of crap that he is. What really bugs me is that this scum-bag can go on television and, with a straight face, complain about how unfair it is for U.S. corporations to compete in this so called uneven playing field within the global economy...and makes no mention of how unfair it has been for capital to force everyday, middle class Americans to compete with third world nations and their wages within this same global economy! Are you Fucking kidding me?! And no one in the media is calling him out on this?!

Americans did not ask for involvement within a global economy that would put them and their children at a distinct was foisted upon them by the richest of our New Monarchy so that their corporations could line their 1% pockets at everyone else's expense!

If anyone is wondering why the Republicans have lost the devotion of their base...there it is in plain site and for all to see and hear: Paul Ryan and the un-American, Corporate Mac-Daddy, economic terrorist pimps who hold his leash want to place Americans at an unfair disadvantage to make themselves Kings among us, but do not want to have to endure the same. 

Here's the Republican's slogan for 2020: Capitalism Without Responsibility - Making America England Again!

Where is the outrage, and what was John Dickerson thinking by allowing him to get away with it on his show? That's why I tuned out, and I hope others are as well, and not just his show but all the other chicken-shit mother fuckers afraid to tick off the media sacred cows who hold their professional futures in their hands. If the media isn't going to do their job while Little Lord Fauntleroy in the White House attempts to consolidate the power of America's ruling 'without a legitimate mandate' class , well then, NO SOUP FOR YOU!

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Monday, September 18, 2017

Did I Call It, or Did I Call It!

by John Patrick Conway, Jr.

I'm sorry, but I just cannot help myself...

Though I'm fully cognizant of my propensity to
go on at length with most of my posts, this just speaks for itself. While spinning thru a news feed, I came a cross an article whose title was simply begging to be clicked on. It emanates from Bloomberg and it's written by a guy named Max Abelson...and the fetching caption whose siren call I could not resist:

"Obama Goes From White House to Wall Street in Less Than One Year"

Read it...or don't. I really don't give a fuck. I just wanted to rub the world's nose in it...

A...ha-ha-ha-ha-haaaaaaaaaaa! (sigh) Yeah....OK.

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Swimming In A Sea Of Media Red Herrings

by John Patrick Conway, Jr.

After the "shocking" defeat of Hillary Rodham Clinton by Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential elections, the news media and political scientists were all over themselves issuing what appears now to be a series of empty Mea Culpa, my bad, and should've seen it coming acknowledgements followed by promises to really open themselves and listen to the rank and file, hence. I remember thinking at the time...yeah, right. Sure you will. Once the shock wore off, though, and with the reality of the next four years staring them in the eye, it didn't take long for these same people to demonstrate the insincerity of their words as they clearly decided to take a page from the Republican playbook under the title of "Obstructionism" and run with it.

If you tune into the Sunday morning talking heads, Cable News, or even the Evening News, it's all about what a bastard Trump is; it's all about the Russian's penetrating DNC emails and the threat to our "national security" that they pose; it's about this, that, and every other mother fucking thing under the sun so long as it deflects any light shining upon the truth of what just happened.

This past week Hillary Clinton came out with her new book and issued a statement beforehand owning the loss of the presidency in 2016...then turned right around and leveled her finger at misogyny in general, and at Bernie Sanders in particular, and laid the blame at their feet. I mean, really, come it any wonder why this woman lost?

Lets start with the Russians eavesdropping in on DNC emails. Yeah, security is important. That's why the U.S. Air Force still uses 5 inch floppy discs for boot sequences when initiating launch of land based ICBMs. Understanding the grave threat posed by malicious hackers, there has never been a direct electronic link allowed into this system, thank God. But the truth is, whether you are willing to admit it or not, the Russians provided the American people with an invaluable service, and ultimately the truth of what Donald Trump was claiming all along...that the very process of winning the Democratic nomination was pure theater. It demonstrated that there did, in fact, exist a state of collusion to deny every registered Democrat a vote, equal in weight, regardless of economic or political primacy, and that it emanated from the very top of the machine: Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Now, don't get me wrong. I didn't buy the song and dance Bernie Sanders was putting on in 2016, and for the very same reasons I didn't buy then Senator Barak Obama's mantra on "change" back in 2008 (See my entry dated September 16, 2011, titled: Thoughts on an article by James Carville). It appeared to me at the time that Bernie was just making a gratuitous play upon the sensibilities of those discontented masses that comprised the Occupy Wall Street crowd...which I counted myself as one. As things turned out my suspicions of Barak Obama's lack of political prowess proved to be all too well founded, and I wasn't having it again. Be this as it may, the fiasco that was the Democratic National Convention in 2016 did not have any affect upon me personally. I withdrew my name from their rolls long ago. But it did show, in full view of an already beaten down America, the naked truth about how their government really functions: privileged puppeteers and those who they animate with strings of gold that were spun upon the looms of corruption.

So, anyway...thanks Ivan, and fuck you too. Lets see you do the same with Putin. God knows that fucking prick has been murdering everyone who dares attempt to bring Russia back into the light of peace and freedom. I just knew Perestroika and Glasnost were a flash in the pan...

As for Hillary Clinton's assertion that misogyny played a part in her defeat...well, duh! But here's the thing, Hillary...can I call you Hillary (in case you ever happen to read this post)? The thing is, and there really isn't any getting around this...nobody likes you and, judging from the results of the 2016 election, nobody trusts you.

Throughout the entire election cycle you made no attempt to distance yourself from the image of a bought and paid for political lackey, but that's's who you are. But don't ever assume to accuse Americans of making the wrong or uninformed choice. It is you, and others like you, whose arrogant behavior constituted an affront upon the dignity of those who ultimately sealed your fate and sent you and yours packing. The writing is on the wall, and that goes for the Republicans as well.

And another thing. Before you go fishing for some left wing sympathy by calling out us "basket of deplorables" as the bane of your presidential campaign, and its...shall we say lethargic pace of gathering momentum, you might first consider that even among many women who would love nothing more than to see a female executive in the White House, you're not exactly what they had in mind anyway. Never mind the polls on this, I'll never forget the observation of one woman who stated in public, out loud so everyone could hear, that given the choice between you as the first female President and a yeast infection...she would've gone with a protracted regimen of anti fungal treatments. Now, not being a woman, I don't exactly know what that entails but I'm guessing it isn't all that pleasant...

If anyone wants a really well thought out laundry list of reasons why the Democrats were able to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory last November, then I encourage you to watch on YouTube Chris Matthews' observations on election night when it became obvious that Trump was about to eat Hillary's lunch. It's short, simple and straight to the point. No bullshit.

Donald Trump maybe a liar and a Snake Oil Salesman, but in his own simple minded way he recognized what most Americans were crying out for...and he closed! That's what a salesman does...he is always closing. What was the takeaway from the film: Glengarry Glen Ross? Always be closing!

America says, "Capital is shipping our jobs overseas to pad their margins, and those few of us who are still left with jobs are not benefiting from any trickle-down!" and the Donald says, "Fuck NAFTA! I'll bring those jobs back. Vote for me!"

America says, "I cannot afford Health Care. The copays, coinsurances and deductibles will absolutely bankrupt me!" The Hump says. "That's what Americans get for voting Obama into office. I'll repeal and replace Obamacare. Vote for me!"

America says, "The economy is picking up, productivity is increasing, I'm working longer hours and/or multiple jobs, and yet every payday I'm forced with the choice: Do I pay the Rent, or feed my family?" The Donald says, "It's those foreigners working off the books and not paying their share. I'll deport them the hell out of here. Vote for me!"

Americans are not blind and stupid, though they pretend to be sometimes so they do not have to admit to themselves that the Great American Experience is showing signs of fissure. Just as clearly, their confidence has been shaken; they're not sure enough about themselves and the character of their government officials to see this Caterpillar of a country blossom into the Butterfly that is the enduring promise of the American spirit. But when there exists a clear lack in leadership, a refusal of our "elected" officials to even admit the true nature of the problems facing most everyday Americans, then they will always turn to the least objectionable choice who is asshole enough to tell them what they want to hear in the hope that, somehow, he/she may actually get lucky and follow through.

Well, if it wasn't clear before it most certainly is now. The Democrats and the Republicans have exhausted whatever go juice they may have enjoyed in the past with their respective bases. The Democratic votership did not hand the Republicans a victory; they handed their own leadership a defeat. They were done being taken advantage of and they've made that clear in no uncertain terms. Outraged by the treatment of Bernie Sanders and his supporters, they dug their heels in and refused to fall in and close ranks behind Crooked Hillary. 

Likewise, the Republican votership did not hand their leadership a victory; they handed them Donald Trump who ran on the premise that the Republican leadership had abandoned them which, of course, they had. The rift that has been growing between the haves and have-nots had reached the point where the party's exploitation of social prejudices, among other things, could no longer overcome the reality of their rank and file's daily lives. The party's embracing of corporate entities that saw illegal immigrants as a source of cheap labor to be exploited did not hold well with them and, at the very least, they appreciated Trump's candid, in your face, tell it like it is manner. Say what you will, the man came out swinging and never stopped until all who stood in his way were consumed. If there was ever a clear demonstration of confidence projecting strength, this was it.

Some of you out there reading this maybe wondering where I land on all of this. If you've read the previous entries of this blog then you must be aware that I have been, for some time, registering my disgust with the state of politics within the United States by taking back the power of my vote with write-ins for "None Of The Above" (see my entry dated June 2, 2012, title: A Vote For None Of The Above!). However, in the last election held in 2016, I did cast a vote for someone. Though I still voted NOTA on all other races, I made an exception solely for Office of the President of the United States. I voted for...Jill Stein.

It's not that I found Dr. Stein a perfect candidate; I don't believe that any exist. In fact I almost did not cast a vote in her favor because I found her running mate to be a radical. But she is an articulate, educated woman whose platform resonated in sympathy with my values. Her persona stood in direct contrast to the opportunistic, and megalomaniacal vibes put out by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. From Health Care, Military Spending and Corporate/Bank reformation to Education and Student Loan Debt, she broached with me a threshold that had not been reached in quite some time. And, yeah, I knew full well that there wasn't a snowballs chance in hell of her winning, but that wasn't important. What mattered most was that there existed on the ballot someone I could vote for and not feel the need to shower afterword. I voted and was still able to look myself in the mirror the next day. For me, personally, it was a win nonetheless.

So now almost a year has gone by and what has happened? Well, lets see. The Democrats have gone nuclear attempting to spin their humiliating defeat. True to form, its been more of the same with them. After using the tired old excuse of compensating well connected members by commissioning a study of just what went wrong, as if they didn't already know, the conclusions drawn apparently obviated the need to change course in any real and meaningful way. I'm not going to get into the details...I'll just piss myself off. 

Hillary Clinton is attempting to regain some composure, testing the waters I suspect for another try and, if not for her, then possibly her Daughter...? I mean, you've got to be kidding me with this fucking dynastic bullshit.

The news media has been wetting themselves for months attempting to demonize every goddamn thing President Donald Trump says, does, doesn't say, doesn't do. And lets be honest about this...he's making it way too easy for them. But, hey, if it takes the heat off the Democrats and focuses it squarely upon Trump...mission accomplished.

As for the Republicans...well, well, well. What a tangled web we weave. Coming as no surprise to anyone fit to feed themselves and visit the toilet unassisted, it turns out that after eight wasted years of out and out obstructionism, the Grand Old Party is truly bereft of any forethought and talent in identifying and implementing a viable alternative to the euphemistically titled: Affordable Health Care Act. In fact, they never had anything in the hopper, nor did they ever really give a shit, either. For them it was OK if you could afford Health Care, and if you couldn't...well, that was OK, too. Just as long as they were not called upon to pay anything.

Without getting into this too deeply, I'll will say just this: Both sides are equally fucked in the head where this topic is concerned.

The Democrats for trying to cater to the interests of an Insurance Industry that demanded to have their profits subsidized by taxpayers even in markets where there would never be any profits to be had...for whatever reason.

And the Republicans for their indifference to those whose rights were systematically trampled upon, time and again, by a an Insurance industry which saw to it that, by keeping their thumb pressed upon the scales, they could dictate not only the terms of an individuals health care, but the manner in which they may, or may not, meet their contractual obligations.

The truth is, Health Care is not an insurable commodity. Sorry. Don't blame me. It never was, and it never will be. Everyone, and I mean everyone, will get sick or injured and, eventually, reach an infirm state of health. It has never been a question of if, but rather when. The mathematics upon which the concept of insurance pivots is that of probability and statistical analysis over some given period of time, and as one ages the costs of justifying an insurance company's bet that the policy holder will not claim benefits beyond the point of premiums paid increases exponentially. Unless there exists a surplus of healthy policy holders who can subsidize those who are not, and still allow the Insurer a reasonable profit, get the idea.

The real problem is that Insurance companies are all about profit. Yeah, they'll sing you a song about how they are an important corner of society serving a real economic need blah, blah, blah. Forget about the fact that they are attempting to gamble with real lives of real people who think and feel. To them, we're all just amalgamations of set-data points. Another truth about the Insurance Industry is that its very existence breeds corruption, and inflates the costs of related goods and services.

So now what? Well, I'll give it to Bernie on this one. At least he's persistent. Nationalize it. How we going to pay for it? Simple. Take the money that was earmarked for propping up the militaries of unworthy "allies" like Israel for example. If they wish to conduct open warfare upon civilian populations instead of negotiating peace in good faith and on fair and equitable terms then fuck them! I don't care anymore. Seriously, with friends like them who needs any enemies?

And lets not kid ourselves here about the debt limit. Since when has that stopped the United States Government from spending money that they never had in the first place and effectively pulling it out of thin air at taxpayer expense? You never hear anything about it from Republicans as long as it's going to Boeing, Lockheed, Northrop-Grumman, Newport News, Ingalls Ship Building and General Dynamics. Or to provide subsidies to Oil and Natural Gas companies for whatever reason I can't even begin to imagine. Yeah, ExxonMobile! I'm talking to you Fuck-Nuts! So don't even try and test my patience.

Whoa! I need to chill a second. OK, now where was I...? Oh, yeah. Red herrings. So over this past year the liberal media (for such it is with the sole exception of Fox News) has effectively tried to bob and weave, duck and cover, drop and roll, point and deflect...whatever it took to re-engineer the truth in terms amenable to the Democratic Party line, and the sick thing is they may actually be getting away with it because there doesn't seem to be anyone around willing to hold their feet to the fire.

As for those who voted for the Donald, well, all I can say is I hope you enjoy the show. Hey, I understand why you did it, but if at the end of his third year you don't see those "American Jobs" coming back to energize the middle class, and if you do not see yourselves bringing home a wage that leaves you free from living hand to mouth...don't come crying. He never had any intention of serving anyone but himself. In the end he will not accept responsibility. He will, however, blame everyone and everything under the Sun for his failures...just like Hillary Clinton.

Poor babies. Trump will return to his daily life, business as usual, playing golf and with billions of dollars to comfort him. Hillary will have the resources of the Clinton Foundation to keep her warm and fuzzy.  And you? Well, you're four years older; four years closer to finding a way to send your kids to college, or four years closer to a retirement you cannot afford. All because you didn't have the courage and strength to vote for a third party candidate who you just knew couldn't win...and who wants to be a loser like that anyway? Hummm....

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